Cork Yoga mat with carrying straps

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Cork Yoga mat with carrying straps.
Whether you practice Yoga, Fitness, Meditation or Strength, the cork mat is absolutely ideal.
8 Features: 1) Temperature-regulating 2) Moisture-repellent 3) Sound-absorbing 4) Slip-resistant 5) Good elasticity 6) Easy to wear 7) Environmentally friendly 8) Comfortable & comfortable to lie on

The cork mat is comfortable to lie on regardless of temperature. Whether it is cold or hot, you do not sweat or freeze when you lie down and exercise.
Cork also has insulating, sound-absorbing properties and is comfortable to jump on if you want to avoid disturbing your neighbors.
It is also easy to carry. Bewell Life in every way. Simply top material.
Size: 184x62 cm
Weight: 0.84 kg
Thickness: 4.8 mm
Bewell Life cork yoga mat is for yoga, fitness, workout, aerobics, strength training, meditation, chakra balance, training, yoga class, feel good training, mediyoga, balance